Better Than a Team
We Are Veterans
This is Who We Are!
Seems there is a glut of Veterans in business these days -- we're stuck with it, and there exists more than enough business channels to get involved in. We should've thought of doing coffee...instead, looks like we are institutionalized towards doing business in the realms where we flourished -- we think that's a good thing!

A Revolution in Electro Optics

Kapono is in development of a passive Situational Awareness EO system and application with associated APP plugin for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK). Together, the system enables pass PID of HVT, asset tracking and passive Identification Friend or Foe. Utilizing a binary coded invisible marker, the Item of Interest is visible ONLY to our enabled Electro Optic.

From Battlefield to Aerospace, the Backbone is Spatial Phase Imaging.

Secondary to Kapono's passive marker application, the backbone of the system is our strategic partner's proprietary technology titled Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI). Enabling capture of real-time 3D data at astounding fidelities, the EO is suitable for decision making in F3EAD, CDE, BDA and, importantly in Non Destructive Inspection and Testing applications. Kapono is in concept development of the 'Passive Drop Zone' utilizing the marker technology.

Our Partnerships
 Our main pursuits in business involve participation in the Small Business Administration's, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business
Technology Transfer (STTR)  opportunities. We identify DOD/Gov opportunities in alignment with our skillset and tech acumen, then link our strategic partner's 
tech solutions with industry application and field adaptation. Technology dependent, we R&D solutions, APPS and/or software that mates with existing structure.
Meet The Team
Background Feeds our Insight.
Collaboration Delivers our Vision. 

Despite the abundance of NAICS codes in the world of gov contracting, we are Solution Engineers. Our extensive service backgrounds facilitates the type of leadership and insight necessary to deliver as contracted and exceed customer demands.